l  i  v  e   

19/05/2022…….plastiq w/ Love-Songs, Kampnagel, Hamburg

…….mor e  d a t e  s   t   o    b    e       a    n    n    o    u    n    c    e     d       s      o       o        n

n  e  w  s   

Interstation—the LP outwitting time and physics, uniting in situ improvisations made by plastiq with LXMP, Bianca Peruzzi, Dor Aloni, Tian Rotteveel and 13 Year Cicada is out via Gandula Dec. 17

Give it a listen … mmmultilink

P.S.: In the pic below you can see the making-of the LP sleeve by Kmi Koni

Voodoo Ghost—a collab track by Nie w/ plastiq on Nie's debut album "1" released in the form of a zine Dec. 11 … +

c  o  n  t  a  c  t  /  i  n  f  o 

n  e  w  s  l  e  t  t  e  r